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Medicare and Medicaid requirements are clear, especially concerning sanctions and exclusions. So are the penalties for failure to comply. Don't run the risk.

Protect yourself with KchecksTM
Because what you don't know can hurt you.

KchecksTM makes the process of checking for excluded and sanctioned individuals and organizations painless and provides a cost-effective alternatrive to manage the risk of this complex challenge.

KchecksTM Features & Benefits at a Glance:

  • Search Federal OIG, EPLS/SAM, and Treasury Databases
  • Search ALL available State databases at no additional charge
  • Search the New Jersey Licensure Files (additional cost)
  • Automatically conduct mandated monthly testing for exclusions
  • Receive monthly email notification once monthly match is completed
  • Record the action taken on the matches found
  • Electronic audit trail of matches and resolution history
  • Historical database provides detailed "Match Timeline"
  • Securely upload files containing names of employees/contractors
  • Instantly search individuals prior to hiring; no waiting for results
  • Assists in combating fraud, waste, and abuse


"We realized that we needed a comprehensive system to manage our monthly checking for excluded and disbarred individuals. Kchecks provides the best solution for us by combining a system that focuses on ease of use, a proven track record of success, and a software solution that will change and grow with us. We couldn't be more pleased with our choice."

Amy R.
Compliance Officer,
Corporate and HIPAA Compliance

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